Apple Battery Charger Review

In today’s high-tech entire world, batteries have gotten at any time a lot more crucial for powering digital gadgets so purchasing a battery charger helps make feeling economically inside the prolonged term. Apple’s very best lipo charger, the Apple Battery Charger continues to be really a talking stage amongst tech fans, most notably for its compact, minimalistic structure and reduced standby electric power usage. In this particular assessment, we are going to acquire a closer investigate essentially the most significant options of the charger.

As you’d expect from an Apple gizmo, the look is smooth and compact so you may haven’t any challenge fitting the charger onto a power strip like so usually occurs with numerous other chargers because of their bulkier style. To keep consistent with its minimalistic style, a single small mild is situated in the top rated from the machine which gives you indicator in the charging status.

A helpful aspect that makes this charger perfect for travel is the fact that the AC plug is removable so it might be changed with several diverse plugs which allow you to utilize the charger in various nations.

One of the largest providing details of the charger is its minimal energy attract. Consequently once the charging cycle has concluded, the charger cuts down its energy usage to only 30 milliwatts. The standard battery charger features a use of 315 milliwatts, so this can be fairly a big difference.

Involved with all the charger are 6 high quality AA NiMH batteries. They are excellent when you have an Apple iMac which means you have batteries in the prepared for the wi-fi accessories. The batteries appear to be rebranded eneloop cells, that are the very best on the market for effectiveness and dependability. Furthermore, they may have a small self-discharge price so are extremely long-lasting.

The charger holds as much as 2 AA cells, but the good news is you may demand cells independently if you prefer to so you happen to be not constrained to charging cells in pairs. Charging occasions are suitable. A complete charge of two cells requires about 5 hrs.


Apple obtained the look of this charger excellent. It is fantastically created, extremely moveable and versatile so if you might be after a vacation charger it is a fantastic alternative. Despite the fact that this charger lacks many of the superior capabilities which equally priced chargers offer you, it’s all the fundamental principles that happen to be needed for charging AA cells. In addition the inclusion of six rechargeable NiMH batteries is a lot more than what most other battery chargers at this selling price level deliver. If you want a compact and purposeful charger, this little charger from Apple is an excellent choice.